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Automated Curing Oven and Cooling Systems

Robotics Inc. designs and builds modular ovens for liquid materials requiring heat to accelerate curing. Our conveyorized electric convection ovens are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. We also offer conveyorized electric infrared ovens. Cooling sections can be added to the oven outlet to bring parts to ambient temperature and facilitate efficient part unloading.

All of our ovens and cooling systems are available in various sizes and configurations to meet your application. Oven products include:

Curing Oven and Cooling System Information

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CNV™ Horizontal Electric Curing Oven and Cooling System

Each CNV Curing Oven provides electric-based convection heat and is available in six-foot long horizontal modules. Final oven, cooling section and conveyor length is sized based on part and throughput requirements. A PLC controls oven temperature.

Fore more information, click here: CNV Curing Ovens (PDF)

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VertiCure™ Vertical Electric Curing Oven and Cooling System

This vertical curing and cooling system design is ideal for high volume applications where it is essential to minimize factory floor space. Part pallets move the parts vertically via an indexing conveyor through the curing and cooling zones. A PLC provides consistent oven temperature control. An optional Temperature Datalogging feature is also available.

For more information, click here: VertiCure™ Vertical Curing Systems (PDF)


InfraCure™ 1000 Infrared Curing Oven

The InfraCure Oven provides a fast curing cycle using infrared heating elements. Radiant heating heats the part directly, not the air around it, resulting in fast ramp up to cure temperature.  Parts are cured in less time and with less energy. Oven size and conveyor length can be configured to meet your application. InfraCure systems accommodate a variety of applications including dispense and cure, drying and finishing.

For more information, click here: InfraCure™ 1000 Infrared Curing System (PDF)


InfraCure™ 5000 Infrared Curing Oven

Similar to the InfraCure 1000 model (above), the 5000 model Infrared Curing Oven is designed for curing larger parts. All InfraCure systems include an electrical control cabinet with temperature controls. Independent banks of heating elements are positioned above and below a wire mesh conveyor. Suitable for thermoforming preparation and a variety of curing, drying and finishing applications. 

For more information, click here: InfraCure™ 5000 Infrared Curing System (PDF)



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