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Automated Dispensing Equipment

Since 1971 Robotics, Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of automated dispensing systems developed specifically for precision dispensing of adhesives, sealants and other liquid materials. We offer both cantilever and gantry style Cartesian-coordinate motion platforms (see motion products below). In addition, we also integrate 6-axis, SCARA and other robots into dispensing work cells to meet specific application requirements.

The following Robotics, Inc. motion products can be used in either semi and fully automatic dispensing work cell applications:


Dispensing Equipment Information

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BT 1000 Automated Dispensing System    BT 1000 tabletop system

BT 1000 Automated Dispensing Systems

The BT 1000 is our popular, low cost, production-proven automated dispensing system. This 3-axis Cartesian-coordinate robot provides a versatile platform for dispensing a wide range of adhesives and sealants. Each BT 1000 dispensing system is available in a variety of sizes and work envelopes. Configurations range from simple table-top equipment, to floor-mounted work cells, to systems mounted over the assembly line.

For more information, click here: BT 1000 Automated Dispensing Equipment (PDF)

GC 1000 Automated Dispensing System

GC 1000 Dispensing System

The GC 1000 automated dispensing system is designed for high-volume production where very precise dispensing is essential to the application. The low-profile, gantry design features a split x axis in addition to the y and z axes to bring added rigidity for greater dispense speed and accuracy. The GC 1000 is ideal for small to medium-sized parts, and can easily dispense a bead as small as 0.040" diameter.

For more information, click here: GC 1000 Dispensing System (PDF)

CR Series Automated Dispensing System

B Series & CR Series Dispensing System

Our B Series and CR Series Automated Dispensing Systems are field proven in the automotive industry, each capable of dispensing on over a million parts per year for upwards of ten years. Rigid construction and structural weight bring highly repeatable, Cartesian-coordinate motion for the most demanding, high volume production environments. Each model can be configured to incorporate a customer-specified controller, along with other required electric and pneumatic components.

For more information, click here: B & CR Series Dispensing System (PDF)


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